quality management system for continuing education institutes

Certification prerequisites

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Certification of institute´s specific quality management system, i.e. the external check of its utility and effectiveness, is for a lot of institutes an obligatory precondition for cooperation with purchasers.

But not only “external” motives have to be the occasion for checking the own quality management system. Especially the view from outside can give invaluable advices for further development of quality management system.

Preconditions for realization of certification audit are:

registration in www.qesplus.de

It is ensured by liable to pay costs for registration on web page, that you can use the current QESplus-demands at any time.


access to documented QM-system

If the quality management system will be proved external, the access to documentation of institute´s specific QM-system is to enable for auditor appropriate of his/her guidelines.


annual realization of internal evaluation in kind of internal audit

If with or devoid of AZAV: A certification demands annual internal evaluation of own QM-system before each certification (before first certification obligatory as system audit). In further process of triannual certification cycle the annual internal audits can be focused to chosen main points or procedures from sectors, fields of action or components. The reports of internal audits since the last external audit will be sent to certification agency annual.


documentation of management review by executive

Documented results of management review have to send to certification agency annual.