quality management system for continuing education institutes

Implementation of QESplus (2017)


The implementation of quality management system QESplus (2017) requires the institute´s specific processes to design correspondent QESplus -demands. Though it gives the chance, objects to put to test facilities, to clear, to test and last but not least to enhance, so that the own quality management system is formed step by step.

The handling of constituent parts can happen in following steps:


Responsibility to clear and attendance to secure

The execute determines and moderates the discussion process on quality understanding of institute and secures the participation of staff member. He/she uses support by constituted quality steering group respectively by commissioner for quality.


Current status to identify

The current status is to identify and to prove on the basis of QESplus (2017)-demands for continuing educational institutes: Best practice is to keep and necessary things are to develop. The institutes decide in person, in which area, in which field of action and with which component they want to begin.


Institute´s specific processes to develop further

Necessary further developments have to be planned and proved: Who edits which content, till when and in which form? Thereby staff will be involved. Those members of staff will be continuous informed on results and receive the possibility to give feedback.


Results to document

Practicable documents will be worked out, e. g. operating instructions, patterns or check lists, and in a suitable form allocated (in digital or printed form).


Internal audit and management review to perform

Continuity of quality development in institute will be secured by internal audit. In internal audit will be proved the implementation of QESplus (2017)-demands and the practicability of institute specific determinations. On basis of internal audit´s results the management review has to be carried out by executive.