quality management system for continuing education institutes

Frame conditions

Validity of certificate

The certificate to QESplus has a validity of three years. Then again check is necessary. In institutes, which need additional an admission of “Traeger” – as responsible body for institute – and “measures” – as courses – of employment promotion (AZAV), an annual monitoring audit takes place, which is carried out appropriate demands of AZAV.


QESplus and AZAV

If it is necessary to make a certification to QESplus (2017) and a “Traeger” admission to accreditation and admission decree employment promotion (AZAV), so these are made in an integrated procedure. Annual monitoring audits take place, which are carried out appropriate demands of AZAV.


Free choice of certification agency

You can choose between different certification agencies. The agencies offer on their web page or of your request a blank, with which you can ask for offering on certification. This offering is free of charge.